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With Incentives and Events you get your employees and customers involved

And the most effective sourrounding you will find on Board of old Sailing Ships

No matter, how long you are on board; every participant gets aware, that he or she is part of the "crew" and that the goals can just be achieved together.

In the context of a strategic direction of event marketing on your business
 goals and on the target group you want to attract, events are integrated
 usefully into the communication mix and compose therefore an
 effective marketing instrument.

Events on the water therfore take an excellent position.

With a special collaboration and the integration of the participants an enormous emotional bond is produced.
 An intense communication, unusual dramaturgy and the multisensual stimulations lead to unforgetable experiences.
 Events on the water therefore work long lasting - by sending out invitations early they even work long before the event 

Sailing cruises as an excellent suitable marketing instrument

big successes with a target-oriented effort

as an on the customer or supplier focused stimulation method
   e.g. introduction of a new product
as a quiet inspirational surrounding for presentations, workshops, conferences, congresses or even for contract negotiations
   in a relaxed atmosphere informations are taken in better and are reminded longer
to stabilize the personal relationship with customers and suppliers
   business partners become friends
for improving the business climate and therefore improving the cooperation and  motivation of the employees
   because only motivated employees  reach their (your) targets.   

  Group arrangements for one or more days

i. E.

for business occasions
   product presentation, conference, workshop, contract negotiations, relation-marketing, incentive, reception, party, feast,
   team-building, staff outing, anniversary celebration, seminar, recruitment
for school occasions
   class trip, study trip
for private occasions
   family trip, festivities as wedding, confirmation or birthday 

Agency of Sea Cruises

for the territories

Baltic Sea, Skandinavia, North Sea, Ijssel Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Kanaries, Azores, Carribean and cruises across the Atlantic

With accurate service your event will become perfect

Event organisation and -support

complete organisation from the invitation to the evaluation
menus and beverages, service personnel
arranging of entertainment, artists, hosts and photographers
conception, trainingsprogram
organisation of traveling to and from the event location, bus shuttle
hotel arrangements
planning the program on shore 

Of course: All this works best with the right partners

Anke and Hans-Jürgen Edelhoff

Edelhoff Events
Am Hang 38
24955 Harrislee / Germany
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